Throwback Thursday: The Classic Audrey Hepburn

Any one who knows me in real life knows how obsessed I am with Audrey Hepburn (and Marilyn Monroe, but that’s another post). So it shouldn’t be any surprise that she shows up in my book.

In my book (which is still untitled), Roxanne and her mother spend time together watching old movies. After her mother dies, she relives those memories by sinking into her couch, scooping ice cream into her mouth and quoting along with Sabrina.

Roxanne obviously doesn’t have a lot in common with me. For one, she’s a cheerleader and I was a certified band nerd in high school. But this part of her life is definitely influenced by my personal interests.

It was my mother who introduced me to Audrey and I fell in love with her movies. The way she moves, dresses, speaks, it’s so classic and elegant. When I was younger I used to imagine myself as Audrey when I grew up. Someone who’s got everything together and just radiates beauty.

Flash forward to 2013, I’m not sure I’d call myself an Audrey. I am far from having my life together, my morning hair do radiates anything but beauty (I’ll take hot mess) and I move with about as much grace as a goat.

But I’m happy with who I am today, and I wonder at what point in my life did the dream of becoming Audrey Hepburn morph into the dream of being… Danielle.

When I look at Audrey now, I still see the classic beauty and poise. But I understand that there were times when she probably didn’t feel beautiful. She probably tripped over her own feet. And at least once in her life she probably felt like a failure.

What I’ve learned in my time is that imperfection is what makes us unique. It’s never anyone’s dream to be imperfect.That’s just reality.

But I think when our dream shifts from becoming an idolized version of beauty into being our most beautiful selves, we can finally accept life for what it is and be perfectly content.

So who did you want to be as a child? Who do you want to be now?