Throwback Thursday: High School Jam Session

My main character, Roxanne Demarchier, is a senior in high school. Sometimes I question why it is so easy for me to write in the first-person point of view of a seventeen year old. But that’s a different post.

There are moments when she sounds too mature. When she has epiphanies that I had at twenty or twenty-one. In those moments when I’m lacking teenage inspiration, I like to turn on my iPod.

Inspiration for this post came on Sunday when I was showing a group of my friends my playlists dating back to the 90s. And while my affection for NSYNC was more of the middle-school era for me, bands like Simple Plan, Greenday and Good Charlotte were during my high school years.

Listening to music of my high-school past induces fond and not-so-fond memories of my teenage years. Hearing Jimmy Eat World I remember my first real date with a guy who took an entire movie to put his arm around my shoulder.

And “Perfect” by Simple Plan brought back memories of frustration as the guy I liked on-again off-again for two years only noticed me half the time.

Music is a powerful tool to bring the past rushing back to you. So the next time you feel nostalgic, or you count the years since you graduated and panic a little, try picking up your playlists of the past, and losing yourself in your wonder years.