Undeniable Strength

I found this quote by Oprah Winfrey and just had to blog about it. You see, I’ve been writing a lot lately. I’ve set my goal high and plan to finish draft two of this novel by Saturday. This week alone I wrote 17,000 words.

And yet, even as I pump out 2000-4000 words a day, every time I open up my journal, every time I open up Scrivener, there is a moment or two of panic. Of absolute cluelessness. And more than anything, defeat.

There is a voice in my head that tells me I can’t do this. It tells me that I’ll get stuck and not know how to fix it. And yet as I start to plot out my chapter it comes to me naturally and I can’t help but laugh at that stupid, inaccurate voice.

I struggle with self doubt. I struggle with fear. Everything inside of me wants to prevent myself from succeeding and achieving my dreams. And it is in that struggle of suppressing fear that I gain undeniable strength.


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