On Getting Organized (Or Rather, Achieving the Impossible)

Those who know me can testify to my disorganization. Maybe that’s not quite the word. I’m not a hoarder or a pack-rat or anything like that. I’m not really disorganized as much as I’m just not organized.

I’ve never used a planner for more than two days. I have never incorporated a to-do checklist, and daily goal setting just didn’t happen for me.

All that changed when I started writing every day. Because as awesome as I love to think I am sometimes, I found it damn near impossible to memorize everything I needed to do each day, plus word count goals and progress.

So I caved. I bought a daily planner.

Something buried deep inside of me, a secret organizationally-obsessed, goal-driven, over-achieving part of myself, emerged.

I started writing my current word count at the top of every day. I made check boxes for blog posts, word goals, phone calls, laundry, groceries, etc.

I didn’t know I could feel such joy checking a little box. The secret to happiness? Seriously, making a goal and achieving it. Doing something productive. Working towards a better version of yourself.

So set a goal for yourself, big or small, and make a check box for it. Work hard to achieve that goal and feel pure joy as check it off. Then have a margarita or something, because you deserve it.