Ten Reasons Being a Writer is Awesome

There are many reasons I decided to become a writer. Of course the number one reason is that it’s pretty much the only thing I’m decent at (see how I ended that sentence with a preposition?) But there are real reasons, of course. I mean I wouldn’t make such an important life decision as choosing a career without some sound logic. So here are my top ten reasons it’s awesome to be a writer:

10.) It becomes socially acceptable to drink excessive amounts of coffee. I’ve heard that everyone has a vice, or an addiction. It’s not socially acceptable to be an alcoholic, or addicted to gambling, but caffeine, hey, no problem.

9.) You get to get in “the zone” when you need an escape. We get to shut a metaphorical, or literal, door to the world. It’s pretty well accepted that when a writer needs to write, no one should bother him or her except in the case of severe bleeding or alien invasion. In the case of the latter we’ll need you to take detailed notes.

8.) You get to meet famous people. It’s really hard to meet celebrities. I don’t expect Brad Pitt to come strolling down my street anytime soon. But I don’t even cross paths with the more obscure celebrities. But go to any book signing and not only do you get to meet someone successful, but you might get to walk away with their signature on the back of your book, or maybe your neck.

7.) You get to be a snob. Yes when you’re a writer you’re fully entitled to be a total book snob, shame free.

6.) You get to be ridiculously competitive with other people with no actual threat. You can compete with other writers for word count goals or getting published, but no one else is working on an identical book, and they can’t “beat” you.

5.) You get away with asking ridiculous questions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve posed my friends with a question that starts, “Okay, pretend you’re seventeen.”

4.) You get to stretch the definition of reality. You are the mastermind; you make the rules. You define the new normal.

3.) You get to hear what you want to hear. Wishing your boyfriend would whisper sweet nothings into your ear, or your boss would give you a promotion? Write it into your book and make it so!

2.) You get to create your own friends, parents, boyfriends, teachers, etc. Not happy with a current relationship in your real life? Become a writer and create a new one today!

1.) You get an excuse to be a total nerd. Finally you have found the profession in which you don’t have to hide how passionate you get about Harry Potter or Katniss Everdeen. Your nerd-ness is commended and people even might pay for your nerdy ways.