April is almost over and I’m going full-throttle on Soul Tie, revising for my conference in just two weeks. Eep. But I can’t say it’s not a learning process (do you like that double negative?) So allow me to impart some of my new found “knowledge.”

10 ♥ Editing is not for wimps. It takes guts to cut scenes, chapters and characters that you love.

9 ♥ It takes more coffee to edit than it does to write. True story.

8 ♥ If you write drunk, or if it looks like you wrote drunk, you should certainly edit sober.

7 ♥ It’s best to show your work to someone you trust, and whose feedback you value.

6 ♥ Prioritizing a to-do list, starting with the biggest issues and working your way to the smallest, will help you keep your sanity.

5 ♥ Rewards are motivating.

4 ♥ Make sure people know you’re editing, so they don’t just think you’re an antisocial jerk.

3 ♥ There’s no such thing as perfect. Your book will never be perfect. There will always be one word, one paragraph, one chapter that irks you.

2 ♥ Editing is like playing whack-a-mole. Once you fix one problem, at least one more will pop up.

1 ♥ If you take it one day at a time, one task at a time, one page at a time, you will get through. You will finish the book, and it will be sensational.