I started writing stories as soon as I learned how to type on the computer. Ever since those first stories about bunnies and Valentine’s Day capers I’ve been completely encapsulated by the art of writing. Shocking, I know.

During the course of my school years I kept writing, but it wasn’t until eighth grade, until I discovered poetry that I actually became a writer.

I wrote about a poem or two a day, finding it an outlet for my many preteen emotions. I was one of those emo MySpace bloggers who updated their mood and status on an hourly basis.

I did have a following though, a select group of readers who would always comment on my poetry. It felt so good to get feedback that I made a new MySpace, just for my poetry.

And then college happened, and I kept writing poetry while I dabbled in other things, like teaching. By the end of senior year I had an English degree and a teaching certification, but something didn’t feel quite right.

I wasn’t writing books, my original dream.

Post college I started my first actual book, and suffered along in isolation as I attempted to navigate what the heck I was doing. And then I found my writing group, and everything changed. My hobby started becoming a career, and my dream a reality.

I know a lot of people lose their way in college, but I’m so glad I found my way back to writing and reading, and befriended some wonderful people who are just as passionate about writing as I am. There’s a long process ahead of me but I know its worth it, and I know I have a great support system cheering me along the way.