Dance_with_spinning_plates2(js)Life is a constant act of balancing spinning plates. God forbid you drop a plate. God forbid it plummets to the ground and shatters into microscopic pieces.

Whether the plate is your fitness, or diet, or relationship, or sleep, or career, shattering it entirely can be devastating.

Something I’ve learned about our bodies is that they are always trying to reach a state of equilibrium. What I’ve learned about our minds is that they are trying to do the same thing. We crave balance and yet it’s so exhausting to seek it and so easy to upset the balance we do achieve.

For the past year I’ve been learning how to balance my priorities because I’ve learned that I simply cannot do it all. There will come a time that I have to choose between writing and sleep, between taking time to cook and picking up a pizza. Priorities come down to decisions, and what we do every day to work towards our dreams.

The reality is some dreams are bigger than others. And at times our biggest dreams may take backseat to a smaller dream that is more important in that moment.

My writing life has suffered as I’ve dedicated myself wholeheartedly to getting in shape. And at times I feel guilty about that. I feel guilty that I only wrote 10,000 words in July and only posted a blog every few weeks.

But what I’m realizing is that without me, without my health and sanity and stability there is no book. I cannot write if I don’t take care of myself. So while writing is my ultimate dream, right now I have to pick me first.

And that’s not easy to do.

Perhaps when I achieve my goals I can lift the writing plate higher and persevere with a ferocious intensity as I have before. But until then I’m learning to be completely content with not having it all, not doing it all, and enjoying the perfectly unbalanced spinning plates in my life.