Abstract Effect

Q: How did you come up with your current novel idea?

I didn’t. I came up with something almost entirely different. A different facet of the same vision. I envisioned a girl meeting a paranormal guy who wanted to save her life and become her protector. I created a best friend that was like a brother. But that was it. I didn’t know what McDreamy was saving Roxi from. I didn’t know how or why he chose to protect her. But I knew she was fighting something bad.

The idea was nothing. Just a spark. A conflict. A tension. A plot point. And then I started brainstorming. Free writing. Scribbling on napkins, on old receipts. Getting up at 4:27 am to write a scene, a feeling, a kiss. I started letting my mind rule me, sacrificing time and energy to get my simmer of a spark to a full, raging fire.

I created something out of nothing.

And now in draft 5 I am still creating. I’m creating character, and tone, and transformation. I’m creating the heart of the story, the resonating feeling. The context, the vibrancy. I am a sculptor carving dimples and eyebrows and creases.

The beauty of the fine details is breathtaking. Hard work. So hard you want to quit almost every time you start. But more rewarding than I ever imagined.

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