Why is it we all want to fly, but rarely do we want to take the leap of faith from the nest to the air? We look at birds with longing, wishing we could live with grace and eloquence. And yet when it comes time to jump into the open, rushing wind, we second guess our ability to succeed.

I’m not saying anything new here. I probably sound like a motivational poster or a fortune cookie or maybe your mom. But it’s something that’s been on my mind lately as I’ve felt my tree being shaken, my nest of comfort being rattled, and my frail body preparing to fly.

It’s terrifying.

But I can’t help asking myself why I never shook my own tree. Things in my life haven’t been what I wanted, and yet they were comfortable so I lived with them.

Maybe I just wasn’t aware that I was settling. Maybe I just longed so much for stability that I didn’t realize I’d fallen into a rut. That I was staying stagnant when I was meant to evolve.

Whoever shakes your tree, whether its God, or your best friend, or yourself, be prepared to fly. You will feel frail, and small, and insignificant, but just remember that you can’t leave the nest if you don’t take a step.