You’re probably wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been wondering that myself. I’ve felt so lost within my creative mind lately and its because so much has changed physically, spiritually and mentally in my life.

When your mind and body change, your writing changes too.

I’d compare it to a vampire in transformation. You know in Breaking Dawn when Bella’s writhing in pain, transforming into an ultra-gorgeous bad-ass? I kind of feel like that, though maybe it’s not as painful and maybe I won’t be as gorgeous or bad-ass.

But there’s this “tunnel time” where you can’t really do anything but live day to day, let the changes roll through you, past you, and let life’s current move you to a new path with a new direction and a new purpose.

I started losing hope that I’d find my way out. I thought I’d be stuck in my tunnel time forever, constantly being formed but never forming. And this morning when I woke up I awoke not as my old self but as a new version of me, and I awoke with a burst of color.

And for the first time in a long time I could do nothing but write.