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Dani Nicole is the author of Soul Tie, a young adult paranormal novel.  Dani has been writing since she could read, typing up three- to five-page stories about everything from bunny rabbits to boyfriends. In middle school Dani ventured out of her short story safety zone and began exploring poetry. All throughout high school and college she was an avid poetry writer sharing her work with anyone who would read it.

After graduating Dani realized her dreams of becoming a writer hadn’t died along with the imaginary friends from her childhood. In 2012, Dani was fortunate enough to find a writing group that fosters her need for growth as an author and feeds her coffee addiction.

When Dani isn’t writing she’s often lying in Shavasana thinking about plot twists, checking out way too many books from the library, pretending she can sing like Adele or staying up until 2 am lost in conversation.


3 thoughts on “About the Author”

  1. It was wonderful meeting you this weekend. If you feel up for writing a poetic duet with me let me know and I will promote you on my blog 🙂 hastymrs@cox.net

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